Left Turn Lane Design Factors

Left turn lanes are exclusive turning lanes that allow for a left turn movement to occur outside of the through lane. They are arguably the best strategy a traffic engineer can employ because of the large safety and capacity benefits they provide versus the relatively low cost to build them. Both a road’s capacity and safety […]

Using SimCity in Transportation Planning Curriculum

“If you’re having traffic problems I feel bad for your son/I’m a traffic engineer and I made you a guide.”  That’s the lead in to the post How To Traffic about how a traffic engineer built a SimCity that has no congestion.  He did it by applying generally accepted transportation planning practices. I helped teach the civil […]

Review of Trip Generation Handbook, 3rd Edition

Guest Post from Bryant Ficek, PE, PTOE – Vice-President of Spack Consulting It’s long and academic, but I finally managed to read through the 3rd Edition of ITE’s Trip Generation Handbook. Published just last year in August, this updated manual provides guidance on the use of and how to collect trip generation information. As the […]

Video of Crazy Traffic in the Middle East

One of our COUNTcloud customers sent in some insane videos from Saudi Arabia for us to count.  I’ve seen videos of grid lock and videos of people weaving all over, but this is a new one for me. Drivers are hopping curbs and going the wrong way on the road to jump queues.  Us Americans can complain about […]

Performance Parking at Carnegie Mellon University

Andres Baez forward me this article about Carnegie Mellon’s experiment with balancing on-street parking supply/demand on campus.  Professors Mark Fichman and Stephen Spear saw that the majority of spaces around campus were empty after multi-space pay kiosks were installed.  Before that the old coin metered spaces were often almost fully occupied. They saw a natural economics […]

Launch of Redesigned CountingCars.com

We’ve spent about four months on the redesign of CountingCars.com.  I think (hope) it’s a significant upgrade.  We also added mobile responsiveness so the site looks great on your phone or tablet too. I’d appreciate you checking out the site and letting me know if you have any thoughts about it.  Thanks!  

The All New Mumble Strip

Guest Post by Max Moreland, EIT, Traffic Data Inc/Spack Consulting/CountingCars.com The NCITE February 2015 section meeting was held this week and featured a presentation by Derek Leuer (MnDOT Assistant State Traffic Safety Engineer) on MnDOT’s efforts to improve rural roadway safety.  The presentation had a focus on low cost ways that can be applied system […]

How COUNTcam Videos Are Saving a County Time

Over the last three years, Dakota County has become one of our larger clients at Traffic Data Inc.  We have an annual agreement with them so they can call us up and have us video/count intersections throughout the year.  They provide a list of about 60 signalized intersections they want counted for their signal timing […]

Prototyping Process Applied to Road Improvements

Minimum Viable Product – It’s all the rage in Silicon Valley.  Basically, get the first generation of a product out as fast as possible so you can get feedback from customers, improve the product by iterating, and work on growth.  Through my work at CountingCars.com, I’ve learned a lot about the product world in the last […]