10 Roundabouts to Spark Artistic Creativity

I’m an engineer not an artist, but I do like the center islands of roundabouts to look good (at least not be ugly).  Art within roundabouts can be used as place makers and I don’t think they’re problematic for traffic.  Vehicles are supposed to be driving slowly in the roundabout anyway.

To get your creative juices flowing, here are 10 interesting roundabout installations I found online.

roundabout 1

1. Rond-point de Pila, Châtellerault, France

roundabout 2

2. Spitfire Island, United Kingdom

roundabout 3

3. Bend Oregon

roundabout 4

4. La Haie-Fouassiere, France

roundabout 5

5. Pine Nursery Park, Bend, Oregon

roundabout 6

6. Splott, Wales

roundabout 7

7. Riverbend Community Park, Bend, Oregon

roundabout 8

8. City of Fort Wayne, Indiana

roundabout 9

9. Bend, Oregon

roundabout 10

10. Leiden, Netherlands

Aren’t those more fun than this roundabout?


Alumni Drive, University of Kentucky

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