December 12


I don’t want to be a job hub, but there are two very unique traffic engineering jobs being posted soon in Minnesota.  I thought I’d put them out there in case you have any interest (and I have a soft spot for both of these agencies) –

  1. City of Maple Grove Transportation Director – Marc Culver took over for me as the traffic engineer in Maple Grove almost twelve years ago.  The job morphed into Marc being the transportation director, which included being in charge of the street portion of public works in addition to the normal traffic engineer stuff.  Marc recently moved on to become the city engineer of Roseville, MN.  I should note that Maple Grove pays really well and I was making more as a city traffic engineer than some city engineers were making at the time.  Maple Grove is a well regarded suburb that covers 35 square miles and has a population of about 62,000 people right now.
  2. City of Minneapolis Signal Timing Engineer – Nick Van Gunst is moving from  being the traffic signal timing guy at Minneapolis  to being a project manager in public works.  Minneapolis operates about 700 traffic signals, has two LRT lines, three professional sports teams downtown, the University of Minnesota campus in Minneapolis was touted as the second largest university campus in the country when I went there, and they operate two different traffic adaptive systems.  If you’re into traffic signal timing, this has to be one of the top ten jobs in the country and maybe even top 5.

Keep an eye on the city websites for the job postings.  I hope these guys don’t mind, but I think Allan Klugman would be a good contact for the Minneapolis job and Ken Ashfeld would be a good contact for the Maple Grove job.

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