August 16


AirSage just published it's 2013 Transportation Industry Survey.  It is a great looking document (ITE is releasing the results of the membership survey in the next two months – I hope it looks as good) and it is also a brilliant example of "new age marketing" – i.e. provide something of value with your logo on it.

The survey is based on 126 responses, so it's hard to say it's conclusive.  Although the demographic split on the last page seems representative of the industry.  AirSage says they will make this an annual survey – we should all sign up to respond next year.

There weren't any huge surprises for me in the survey.  The matrix below captures what I'm seeing in our profession.  Folks at the end of their career are generally skeptical of technology, those beginning their career love it, and those of us in the middle of our career are right in the middle.  

This explains a lot about our industry.  There's typically a pretty slow adoption cycle for new technology.  The challenge for all of the new players (AirSage, PTV, Miovision,, Traffic Ducco, etc) – get enough early adopters to build the success stories.

Technology Survey


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