December 24


Below is our price list at Traffic Data Inc.  I know these prices will seem really expensive in some regions and really cheap in others.  The traffic counting business seems to be pretty localized.

You’ll notice we don’t charge a straight rate for each hour for turning movement counts.  We price our turning movement counts to incentivize moving away from the 2 hour peak period turning movement count.

You’ll also notice a 48 hour turning movement count at a stop sign controlled intersection costs the same as getting 2 hour a.m. and p.m peak period counts plus tube counts on the four approaches.  So if you’re doing a traffic signal warrant analysis at a stop sign controlled intersection, you should go with the turning movement count (you can actually save money and just go with a 13 hour turning movement count).  The turning movement count allows you to actually factor right turns instead of making estimates for factoring them down.

2014 TDI Price List

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