September 9


Thanks to AirSage for conducting their second annual Transportation Industry Survey –Get It Here.  Kudos to them for tripling the number of folks who took the survey.  At about 400 respondents, I think they’re getting statistically significant trends.

The biggest surprise to me is a big shift in the enthusiasm for new technologies.  The results from 2013 vs. 2014 is shown below.  This data shows a large shift in all age towards will sometimes use and strongly prefer new technologies.  To me, this is a positive trend for our industry.  Along with the enthusiasm for new technologies comparison is a snapshot of the “Transportation Crystal Ball” from the report.  It matches the trend that our profession is embracing/anticipating new technologies.

Please check out AirSage’s Survey.  And more importantly – please complete the survey next year.


Crystal Ball


  • Hey Mike,

    Did you notice the two Air Sage tables you reference are not cross tabulated? The 2013 table is summed vertically across viewpoint and the 2014 table is summed across age group. This makes the graphs very difficult to compare.

    2013 says: Of those very skeptical of new technology, 81% are age 57+
    2014 says: Of those 57+, 26.4% are very skeptical of new technology.

    Those are completely different statements.

  • Adam,

    I did not notice that and it is obviously a big issue. Thanks for pointing it out.


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