The Top 9 Changes in the New 6th Edition of the Highway Capacity Manual

The Highway Capacity Manual 2010 (jargon alert: HCM) has been converted to the 6th Edition of the Highway Capacity Manual here at the close of 2016.  The HCM 2010 was a historic overhaul while the new 6th Edition is more of an update.

We did a live Traffic Corner webinar on December 6th covering the significant changes that every traffic engineer should know about.  You can watch a recording below.  Covered in the half hour webinar are what I think are the Top 9 Changes in the HCM:

  1. More Capacity at Roundabouts
  2. Addition of Alternative Intersections
  3. Addition of Free Right Turn Lanes at Signalized Intersections
  4. Addition of Auxiliary Through Lanes at Intersections
  5. Addition of Diverging Diamonds
  6. Addition of Work Zone Capacity Analysis
  7. Addition of Managed Lanes
  8. Adding Adjustment Factors for Weather & Incidents
  9. Tweaking Level of Service A threshold for Urban Streets

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