August 2


Announcing COUNTcam 2 – Next Generation Traffic Video Recording System

By Mike Spack

August 2, 2017

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By Mike Spack, PE, PTOE

After more than a year in design and manufacturing, I’m excited to announce the all new COUNTcam 2 (check out how the COUNTcam 2 was designed from our technology partners at Tomorrow Labs)

We originally designed our COUNTcam video recording systems out of our own need to find a more efficient and cost-effective way to collect turning movement information without the need to have people manually counting cars at an intersection. What started as a product to solve our own traffic counting challenge has been adopted and used by transportation professionals around the world. With the input of customers, and the help of the design and technology engineers at Tomorrow Lab, we are excited to release the COUNTcam 2.

We designed COUNTcam 2 with an eye towards simplicity in setup, flexibility in recording time, and affordability to make it accessible to even the most cost sensitive organization.

[Download COUNTcam 2 Product Spec Sheet]

Just like our previous versions of the COUNTcam, the COUNTcam 2 records videos in a common, open file format that you can send to us to process through our COUNTcloud service or you can count on fast forward from the convenience of your office with our COUNTpro Software/COUNTpad system (or the old-fashioned way with a pad of paper/pencil or count board while watching the video in a media player).

Here are the enhancements you get with the COUNTcam 2:

  1. Slimmer Camera Profile. The COUNTcam 2 has a slimmer profile than the COUNTcam MINI, making it less conspicuous in the field, and easier to transport and store.
  2. Adjustable Camera Mount. Easily adjust the angle of COUNTcam 2 when installed to capture your recording area.
  3. Wireless Video Viewing at Setup. Use your favorite Apple or Android mobile device to control/view the COUNTcam feed during set up or take down. No more cables, monitors, or remote controls to see if your camera is recording during setup.
  4. MPG4 File Format. Records in mpg4 file format which makes the video picture smoother to watch when viewed at fast speeds.
  5. Long Recording Time. The COUNTcam 2 records 50 hours of video and can easily be extended to record 150 hours when you connect an external battery booster pack. The external booster packs can be connected in a series to keep extending the recording time or can be hot swapped to keep the recording going. Now you don’t have to decide which COUNTcam model you need. The battery booster pack gives you the ability to set the camera in the field and let it record for eight consecutive days.

[Download COUNTcam 2 Product Spec Sheet]

And the COUNTcam system is still the most affordable traffic recording system on the market costing 80% less than Miovision’s Scout Unit.

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