January 16


traffic-jamForgive the MN, SD, ND -centric post.

NCITE has formed a new Simulation and Capacity Committee (SimCap).  I’ll be chairing it this year and Bryan Nemeth from Bolton & Menk will co-chair (he’ll be chair next year and we’ll get into a leadership rotation).  We’ll be developing best practices for using different software programs and sharing tips/tricks with each other.  Basically, a user group to help each other get better at modelling.

Get in touch if you’re an NCITE member and are interested in joining the committee.  Here are some more details:

  • 34 people already signed up for the committee
  • We’ll use video conferencing technology to increase participation across our region
  • Meeting Time
    • 4th Tuesday of each month at 1 p.m.
    • First meeting will be February 25th
    • Meeting location to be determined

Here are some of the potential topics members have already brought up for discussion:

  • Synchro, HCS, SimTraffic, Vissim, Vistro, Corsim, Rodel, and Arcady parameters
  • Overriding defaults in models (Peak Hour Factors, Saturation Flow Rates, Growth Rates)
  • HCM/HCS analysis
  • New Regional Planning Model (although this may be more appropriate for the NCITE Planning Methods Committee)
  • Identification of all of the models used in the region
  • Determine the best practices for various models
  • Reporting details
  • Standard set-ups
  • Develop a guidance manual for different software models
  • Develop traffic analysis guidelines
  • Calibration
  • Formal review process

There is some overlap in the above topics.  Our first meeting on February 25th will lay out what we want to accomplish in the first 12 months. Generally, our meetings will have three components:

  1. Update/discussion about projects (such as developing a recommended practice or guidelines).
  2. A presentation on a specific software or analysis topic (probably not a formal presentation at every meeting).
  3. A round robin discussion where everyone will get a chance to bring up a topic for a brief dicussion.  These will typically be tips, tricks, or small problems/questions related to a specific project you’re working on.
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