April 11


Announcing the New wayCOUNT Tube Counting System that Connects Wirelessly to the Cloud

By Mike Spack

April 11, 2017

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I’m excited to announce our partnership with Tomorrow Lab to create the 21st Century tube counting system.  Frankly, tube counters haven’t changed much since the 1970’s other than to get smaller and cheaper.  The wayCOUNT system changes that.

The wayCOUNT road tube counter is a rugged, two-port tube counter.  Like standard tube counters, it provides volume and speed (classification coming summer 2017) data by direction. We’ve worked diligently with Tomorrow Lab to ensure it’s as accurate as the other counters on the market (+95%).

But what makes it a 21st Century tube counting system?  wayCOUNT is more than a tube counter – it’s a platform. Here’s how it works:

  1. The wayCOUNT counter connects via Bluetooth to the wayCOUNT app on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Your smartphone snaps the location to the dataset.
  3. The dataset is uploaded to the wayCOUNT.com cloud based mapping system.
  4. Reports can be extracted from the dataset located on the cloud map at wayCOUNT.com.

Each user can choose whether or not to make their data available to the public/their client on the cloud based mapping system.

The wayCOUNT counter also happens to be less expensive than comparable JAMAR, MetroCount, Peek, and Diamond brand counters. Now, for a limited time, you can get a wayCOUNT for a special introductory price of $399.  This little system is a powerful counter:

  • Compact and Lightweight. Weighing less than a pound, it’s small size makes it easy to transport and store.
  • No download cable is needed. The technician sees that the counter is working right in the app in the field and does all of the programming via the app.  In fact, the wayCOUNT eliminates all of the downloading/management time in the office.  This is truly a revolutionary platform.
  • Easy-to-Use Software. Quick report generation via cloud based WayCount.com. Keep data private or share publicly on the crowd sourced public data platform.

The wayCOUNT uses a replaceable lithium ion battery – no charging required. The wayCOUNT app and wayCOUNT.com system are also totally free.

I’m really excited about the wayCOUNT. It will improve efficiency in our industry and will make sharing data much easier for public agencies and data collection firms using the system.

Want more information?  Attend a free 30-minute, online demo. We have sessions on Friday, April 14th and Tuesday, April 18th.

Or visit our website and download a product spec sheet.  I would love to get your feedback on the wayCOUNT. Share your thoughts below, or email me Newsletter@MikeOnTraffic.com.


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