March 3


Announcing Spack Enterprise’s Partnership with PTV Group

By Mike Spack

March 3, 2016

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PTV-Group-EditedI’m proud to announce our recently signed partnership with PTV Group North America, and more specifically, to help them promote their Vistro software. I was first approached at the 2015 PTV America User’s Group Meeting, where I presented on “How Vistro is Improving Our Traffic Studies”. Given our regular use of the software, this partnership is a natural extension of our consulting methodologies.

This partnership does not mean that we will now start calling and emailing every day to try to get you to buy Vistro. We’re not pushy salesmen. What you will see is a blog post each month detailing how we’re using Vistro along with tips and tricks (this isn’t much different than what we’ve been doing naturally over the last couple of years).

We entered into this partnership because we’ve incorporated Vistro into our everyday use and think everyone who prepares Traffic Impact Studies can benefit from using the software. Not much will actually change on the blog with the partnership – you can expect more of what we have previously provided:

To restate, the benefits we’ve seen in using Vistro are:

  • Simple Scenario Manager – Able to quickly set up and evaluate multiple scenarios within the same file
  • Better Adaptability – Vistro handles most of the math for you to be able to instantly edit trip generation and/or trip distribution
  • Ease of Transfer to Micro-Simulation – Vistro provides a relatively smooth transfer to VISSIM, meaning this powerful micro-simulation can easily be run when needed for one or more scenarios on a project
  • Improved graphics – Vistro provides ready-made graphics, including study intersection geometries, base volumes, development volumes, and final volumes

Our business has improved with the use of this software. We’re roughly twice as efficient using Vistro vs. our old method of spreadsheets and Synchro.

The thing that sealed the deal for us agreeing to work with PTV – I’m able to offer you a $250 discount off of Vistro. Simply use or mention the Promo Code “SPACK16″ when ordering from PTV North America. We know you will find the same efficiencies that we have and wonder how you completed reports before you had this software.

We’re also developing our own training materials for Vistro to complement our Traffic Impact Study training materials at Spack Academy.  Look for that launch this summer.

Are you looking for training on how to prepare Traffic Impact Studies (for you or your junior staff) and/or Vistro training?  We’re looking for “beta testers” to run through our draft training program (for free).  Leave your info in the comment section and we’ll reach out to you or drop me an email with your interest.

  • I also use Vistro, but not everyday, and feel that I have a decent handle on it. I would be willing to help with your “beta” testing as an outside source to see if its too advanced or needs more quality.

  • I would be interested in beta testing Vistro training. I have prepared over 1,000 traffic impact studies over the last 15 years primarily using spreadsheets and Synchro (although I have used HCS for some analyses.) I have been exposed to VISSIM, but have not personally completed a project with it and do not have access to a license at this time. I have also been exposed to Sidra, but only for roundabout analyses. I beta tested OTISS for two years of development, but no longer have a license or use it. The current barrier to using Vistro in my area is lack of acceptance/familiarity and confidence by reviewers in any software other than Synchro and HCS.

  • I would like to inquire about Beta Testing of the Vistro software. I am a water resources PE, currently cross training in transportation. We have begun to briefly touch on Vistro in my MSCE program. If you’re looking for an outsider POV, look no further.


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