April 28


Announcing New COUNTpro Software and COUNTpad 2

By Mike Spack

April 28, 2015

Jamar, Manual Count Board, Miovision, Petra Pro, TDC Ultra

countpro_logoWe’re excited to announce we’ve enhanced the PC-TAS/COUNTpad 2 system!  Based on feedback from our customers as well as our own counting staff, we redesigned our best selling product with improved functionality.  We’ve also given PC-TAS a new name – COUNTpro.

New Features of the COUNTpro – COUNTpad 2 Manual Video Counting System

  • Redesigned PC-TAS into COUNTpro to have a more intuitive layout.
  • Redesigned COUNTpad 2 as plug and play on all Windows based PC’s.COUNTpad2
  • Improved keys on the COUNTpad 2 are more tightly spaced for better ergonomics.
  • Updated encryption on the COUNTpad 2 to improve security.
  • Enhanced counting screen from white to gray that provides improved readability and less eye strain.
  • Improved color schemes on the COUNTpad 2 match the COUNTpro software making the system even more intuitive.
  • Improved processing that allows counting to be done at 20x on older computers that have slower video processing cards.countpro1

Our new features have made the best manual traffic counting system available even better.  The new COUNTpro/COUNTpad 2 integrated counting system is available for sale now at CountingCars.com or feel free to give us a call toll free at 1-888-888-0637 if you want to learn more.

PS. Our partner in developing the COUNTpad 2, PI Engineering, has a great case study about our collaboration that you can see here.

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