July 19


Check out the video below.  It shows off three great traffic counting vans from our area.  And Nate made it fun.  Please send us photos of your van if you have something unique to show off.  I think we can learn a lot from each other on how to make field work more efficient.

These vans put our Traffic Data Inc van to shame.  We use a 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan with the back seats taken out and safety lights added on.  We use portable bins for our different traffic counting gear so we can mix/match better for video or tubes depending on the work that day.  I am envious of the agency vans in the video, but we have an effective/cheap solution.  Plus I really like having the sliding side doors.

  • Two out of the three vans use JAMAR counters, zero out of the three vans use pico counters. Sounds about right.

  • Got us on that one! Hopefully time will help the Pico. Luckily for us, all three have bought COUNTkits. Too bad they didn’t have those visible.

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