July 14


Behind the Diverging Diamond Interchange – Free Webinar

By Mike Spack

July 14, 2010

diverging diamond interchange design traffic engineering traffic study

Diverging diamond Rhythm Engineering is sponsoring an interesting webinar next Tuesday about the new diverging diamond interchange in Springfield, MO (here's a post about the interchange).  You can sign up for the free webinar here

From the email announcement I received – Joe Rickman (MoDOT) and Smith Siromaskul (HDR) will cover:

  1. The factors involved that influenced MoDOT's deployment of a diverging diamond.
  2. The challenges MoDOT faced and how they were overcome.
  3. The overall cost of the project.
  4. Post deployment studies that examine the diverging diamond's impact on traffic.

I know consultant's have been analyzing the diverging diamond layout for several interchanges in Minnesota.  This webinar should be a good way to learn valuable lessons from the guys who've actually built one.

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