January 4


Best of 2017 – Review of our Top Articles

By Mike Spack

January 4, 2018

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2017 was a great year for MikeOnTraffic and we want to share our readers’ favorite articles from last year. Take a closer look at these articles you may have missed.

  1. Pros & Cons of Back-In Angle Parking 

Back-in angle parking has many benefits including providing drivers with a better view of vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians. Read more about the pros and cons of this parking design.

  1. Case Study: School Traffic Control Plan 

A recent case study where we developed a traffic control plan at a local elementary school to minimize the dangers of kids walking between cars.

  1. Top Ten Traffic Related Mistakes Developers Make 

Over the years we’ve worked closely with many developers. Here are the top 10 mistakes we see developers make with traffic issues.

  1. Responding to Roundabout Concerns 

Here’s what we learned about responding to roundabout concerns from our trip to the 2017 Joint ITE/CITE Annual Meeting and Exhibit in Toronto.

  1. Calculating the 85th Percentile Speed

Here’s how the 85th percentile is determined on the roadway. Be sure to check out our collection of useful resources and more on the 85th percentile.

  1. Do Crosswalk Bumpouts Really Enhance Pedestrian Safety?

Analyzing bumpouts (curb extensions) to determine if they enhance pedestrian safety while crossing at signalized and uncontrolled intersections.

  1. Reduced Conflict Intersections in Action 

Reduced Conflict Intersections balance traffic safety and operation. We discuss the Restricted Crossing U-Turn, an intersection design you need to see.

  1. 4-Way Stop vs. Roundabout – MythBusters Experiment 

Mythbusters set up an experiment to determine which intersection works better – 4 Way Stop Signs or Roundabouts – check out the ten minute YouTube video.

  1. Traffic Signal Warrant Primer 

How do you determine if traffic signals are justified? Warrants can help. We share our tips and tricks to consider when evaluating traffic signal warrants.

  1. Control Devices: Stop Signs Benefits, Limitations and Design Guidelines 

The background, benefits, limitations, design guidelines, and further resources you should know for designing stop sign installations.

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