January 30


Best of Traffic Corner Tuesday Webinars

By Mike Spack

January 30, 2018

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We launched our free Traffic Corner Tuesday webinar series in 2016. We started offering these webinars as a way to share our traffic engineering knowledge with others in our pursuit to improve transportation globally. Since we began, we have held 25 webinars on a wide range of topics, and have had more than 1,200 people from 54 countries around the world attend our webinars.

We thought we would take this opportunity to highlight our top five most watched webinars in case you missed them. Want to attend the next Traffic Corner Tuesday webinar? Click here to register today.

  1. Numbers Every Traffic Engineer Should Know

A discussion of key numbers every traffic engineer should consider memorizing to easily and confidently answer. Topics include peak hour capacity of an intersection, the width of a commercial driveway, parking needed for functionality, the amount of traffic a development will generate and more.


          2.Traffic Signal Warrants

This webinar goes back to the basics to review the MUTCD language on traffic signals, and an overview of a simple tool to evaluate traffic signal warrants.


  1. Permanent vs. Temporary Controls for Recurring Events

How do you decide when to use temporary traffic controls at an event site? When does it make sense to implement permanent traffic control measures for recurring events? This webinar explores the considerations for determining when to use temporary and permanent traffic controls.


  1. 85th Percentile Speeds

In this webinar e examine the three key parts of setting speed limits (posted, design and operating) and the different ways states and countries handle their speed limits.


  1. Crash Analysis at Intersections and Corridors

A crash analysis is an integral part of a safety analysis and is often completed at intersections and corridors to help determine potential improvements. This webinar includes a discussion on important definitions of key engineering terms, and explores the tools used to perform a crash analysis.


Don’t miss this informative, free webinars. Register today to attend our next Traffic Corner Tuesday webinar!

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