December 18


Big Box Evaluator

By Mike Spack

December 18, 2007

The Orton Family Foundation of Vermont has created an interactive online tool to help inform citizens about the impacts of Big Box stores (i.e. Home Depot, Wal Mart, Target,…) called Big Box Evaluator.  The evaluator is supposed to be a resource for residents who are concerned about a proposed Big Box in their town, although it points out positive aspects of Big Boxes as well.  Traffic is just one of the many components of the evaluator.  Overall, it appears to be very sensitive to the inputs of the user.  I am guessing most residents who find the evaluator will give it negative inputs, which will spit out negative outputs.  I recommend developers of big boxes do an honest evaluation with the tool so you can refute any negative evaluations that come up at public meetings.

  • I don’t know if this is a Big Box, but Kaiser is considering to building a new hospital not too far from my home. As I read in the news, people who lived near the anticipated site gave negative comments. They say it will create major traffic near their home. Kaiser is holding public hearings, but I think no matter what, Kaiser will give a go ahead in building the new hospital. The new hospital will create new roadways and new streets to be implemented. It will also close down streets as well. As one of my co-workers from the Census Bureau, she wasn’t happy about the hospital because her home will be greatly impacted by the construction.

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