November 9


An important pedestrian/bicycle bridge over Hiawatha Avenue was opened in Minneapolis on November 8, 2007.  The Star & Tribune has a good article about the bridge.  It allows pedestrians and bicycles to cross over Hiawatha Avenue at about 26th Street instead of crossing at a traffic signal.  We did a study of Hiawatha Avenue in 2006 for Metro Transit.  We were studying occupancy rates in the corridor before and after the LRT line was open (we found traffic volumes were down but the number of people moved in the corridor were up in 2006 vs. 2004).  There are about 45,000 vehicles per day on Hiawatha Avenue at 26th Street.  It is great to separate pedestrians and bicyclists from that much traffic!

Here is a good photo by Richard Tsong-Taatarii
, Star Tribune:


  • The San Francisco Bay Area is also building a cabled stayed bridge for the western span of the bay bridge. They also said that the bridge will be open to pedestrians which I like to walk on when it opens.

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