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Traffic Impact Study Process – Part 5: Prepare Traffic Forecasts

Mike Spack and Bryant Ficek have literally written a book about Traffic Impact Studies and the process from authorization to final study. We present the information we wish we had when starting our careers and hopefully have tips and refreshers that even experienced traffic engineers will find useful. This series presents the basic steps of […]

Preliminary Traffic Assessment Webinar

Every development goes through some process to be approved for construction. The traffic portion may include a traffic study, or a travel demand management plan, but equally important for the developer is to determine any fatal flaws, from a traffic perspective, of the proposed site plan. Check out our article on Preliminary Traffic Assessment which includes […]

Study Results: Right Turn on Red Percentages

By Bryant Ficek, PE, PTOE As part of our company purpose – Improve Transportation Globally – we often develop and complete research projects. We do this to help improve our work internally or help answer external questions from our clients. A recent research project completed involved Right Turn on Red at signalized intersections. In Minnesota, […]

Annual MikeOnTraffic Reader Survey

I started the MikeOnTraffic blog in 2007. I love sharing what I know with others, and over the past decade, the blog has evolved to include industry information, how-to guides, case studies of work my team has done, and guest posts from other industry experts. However, to keep this site fresh and relevant for my […]

Our Traffic Analysis Software Improved our Efficiency by 10%

By Bryant Ficek, PE, PTOE A Traffic Impact Study (TIS) is a key product of traffic engineering, evaluating the impact of expected development traffic on the transportation network. For traffic engineers at both public agencies and private companies, there is always an underlying pressure to deliver a quality TIS faster while reducing the overall cost. […]

The Evolution of Free Trip Generation Data

By Mike Spack, PE, PTOE I’ve seen a need for improving Trip Generation (a dataset of how much traffic enter/enters different land use types based on different variables with the largest United States-based dataset being the Institute of Transportation Engineers’ Trip Generation Manual).  Trip generation is at the heart of traffic forecasting and traffic impact […]