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How to Make Roundabouts Safer for Bicyclists

The safety record of roundabouts is great (almost no fatalities in roundabouts, radically safer than traffic signals), but a drawback is that they’re not very user friendly for bicyclists or pedestrians. Pedestrians are generally forced to walk further in a roundabout versus a traffic signal because they have to walk all of the way around […]

Using 3D Printing for Traffic Counting Devices

Several customers have asked for some type of device that will show how charged the batteries are in their COUNTcams.  We opted to go with a plug in device instead of building a gauge into each counter, which is consistent with our plan to keep devices cost effective. Quinn in the office has been experimenting […]

Why is the signal always red?

or the signal is always greener on the other side. The Denver Regional Council of Governments put together a primer on signal timing (get it here).  The brief pdf does a great job of explaining how traffic signals are timed and the trade-offs involved when developing timing plans – all in layman terms with great […]

“Holographic” Speed Bumps

Mike Spack, PE, PTOE A good Friday topic – I thought this was a hoax, but the City of Philadelphia about their fake speed bumps (traffic engineers insist on calling them speed humps, but learned that college students love to steal warning signs that say “Speed Hump Ahead”).  The city is painting 3-D looking speed […]

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