Why Our New Traffic Counting Van is a Chevy Volt Sedan

We can’t afford to strand a field tech three hours away from the office.  Our 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan has a well earned 140,000 miles on it and we’re concerned about the coming costs to keep it working reliably.  It’s time to replace Traffic Data Inc’s mini-van with a new work vehicle. The default decision […]

New Parking Generation Data for Uses Not in ITE’s Parking Generation Report

By Mike Spack, PE, PTOE   As a follow-up to our comparison post Building the Right Amount of Parking Stalls between the parking generation data from TripGeneration.org vs. ITE’s Parking Generation, 4th Edition, here are average peak parking rates for fourteen land uses that aren’t in ITE’s dataset.  Enjoy! Average Peak Parking Rates Land Use […]

Virtual Speed Humps: Effective or Ineffective Traffic Calming Tool?

Mike Spack, PE, PTOE Recently, I was contacted by the New York Times Upfront magazine, to comment on a 3D speed hump being used in Iceland. (Click to view the article). The question was, are painted virtual speed humps effective? The goal of speed humps is to help calm traffic, making it safer for pedestrians. […]

Rectangular Rapid-Flashing Beacons Reapproved!

By Bryant Ficek On February 1, 2018, MikeOnTraffic published an article about the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA’s) repeal of their Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFB) interim approval. In essence, the RRFB was no longer allowed for new installations due to patent issues. As explained by the FHWA, the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), […]

Q&A with Michael Sanderson, ITE President

By Mike Spack, PE, PTOE Michael Sanderson, PE, PTOE is the President/CEO of the award-winning Montana headquartered Sanderson Stewart consulting firm.  He is also the 2018 President of the Institute of Transportation Engineers.  He was the driving force behind the wildly successful LeadershipITE program and has served ITE throughout his 22 year career.  I’ve known […]

Stop Sign Compliance Research Findings

By Bryant Ficek, PE, PTOE Late last year, we started a research project on evaluating stop sign compliance. Our goal is to determine clear lines between effective and non-effective stop sign locations. After partnering with multiple cities for this initial round of work, the data collection portion of the project is wrapping up. We have […]

Preliminary Traffic Assessment Webinar

Every development goes through some process to be approved for construction. The traffic portion may include a traffic study, or a travel demand management plan, but equally important for the developer is to determine any fatal flaws, from a traffic perspective, of the proposed site plan. Check out our article on Preliminary Traffic Assessment which includes […]

Traffic Calming Resources: How to Handle Speeding

By Mike Spack, PE, PTOE We recently completed our annual MikeOnTraffic reader survey. In the survey we asked readers what their biggest challenge is, and our readers didn’t hold back! We received a wide range of challenges that transportation engineers face daily. Over the next several months we are going to post resources for our […]

An Argument for Rapid Adoption of Autonomous Vehicles

Great Photos from the Autonomous Bus at Super Bowl LII

Mike Spack, PE, PTOE Tom Fischer made an interesting argument at the City Engineers Association of Minnesota annual meeting that the switch to autonomous vehicles will be like the transition from horses to cars that happened in the early Twentieth Century.  It took about twenty years for horses to become illegal in cities but that […]

Traffic Impact Study Process – Part 2: Preliminary Assessment

Mike Spack and Bryant Ficek have literally written a book about Traffic Impact Studies and the process from authorization to final study. We present the information we wish we had when starting our careers and hopefully have tips and refreshers that even experienced traffic engineers will find useful. This series presents the basic steps of […]