Eminent Domain Projects: Property Value Considerations

Guest Post by Vernon Swing, PE, Traffic Engineering Manager at Spack Consulting. The process of eminent domain was established to allow public entities to acquire land from public and private land owners to provide projects that are for the greater good of society. For example, the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) acquired land from private land […]

Do Crosswalk Bumpouts Really Enhance Pedestrian Safety?

I wrote this article several years ago but feel bumpouts are still a relevant and under analyzed area of traffic engineering. I still receive question from readers and clients about crosswalk bumpouts and their effectiveness and felt it was timely to share this article again. Have you seen an improvement in pedestrian safety through the […]

Announcing the New wayCOUNT Tube Counting System that Connects Wirelessly to the Cloud

Wireless Connectivity to the Cloud

I’m excited to announce our partnership with Tomorrow Lab to create the 21st Century tube counting system.  Frankly, tube counters haven’t changed much since the 1970’s other than to get smaller and cheaper.  The wayCOUNT system changes that. The wayCOUNT road tube counter is a rugged, two-port tube counter.  Like standard tube counters, it provides […]

Trick for Estimating Cut Through Traffic

Cut through traffic is a common complaint to a city engineering department.  This situation occurs when residents think commuters are using the city street they live on to get around congested roads.  The complaint pops up a lot when there’s nearby road construction that’s altering traffic patterns. We’ve done several complicated origin-destination studies to determine […]

Convenience Stores – Balancing Mobility and Access Management

Guest Post by Vernon Swing, PE, Traffic Engineering Manager at Spack Consulting. As traffic engineers, we are constantly balancing the mobility goals of the surrounding road network with the access requirements of the land use. For instance, all you need to know when considering convenience store land use is the name – convenience. Customers generally choose […]

Crash Analysis: Corridor Crash Rates

Guest post by Jonah Finkelstein, EIT Spack Consulting With the general crash definitions discussed in Crash Analysis Definitions, and the process and tools used to conduct an Intersection analysis reviewed in Crash Analysis: Intersection Crash Rates, we can now look into Minnesota Department of Transportation’s (MnDOT’s) tool for corridor crashes known as the Section Green […]

The AASHTO SPaT Challenge

Guest post by Jacob Rojer, EIT Spack Consulting Autonomous vehicles and driver assist features have become increasingly popular in recent years. There are three main dimensions of automated vehicles: driving automation & driver assistance, vehicle to vehicle (V2V) connectivity, and vehicle to infrastructure (V2I) connectivity. I recently attended a North Central Institute of Transportation Engineers […]

New Traffic Corner Tuesday Webinar Schedule

Last fall we introduced a new webinar series called Traffic Corner Tuesday. These free, 30-minute webinars are held by our senior engineering team and focus on sharing our traffic engineering best practices. The fall sessions were so popular that we have released a new schedule of webinars for 2017.  Join Bryant Ficek, PE, PTOE, Vice […]

City of Albuquerque Tests Walkability Improvement

Over the past ten years, there has been a renewed interest in urban revitalization by many cities. The goal is to drive new economic opportunities in the heart of their downtown areas. At the same time, this renewed interest in the downtown areas has challenged the previous “auto-centric” design of the transportation systems that focused […]