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Are Bicycles Vehicles Too?

Cars, commercial trucks, motorcycles and bicycles all share the road, but only one of these vehicles is not tested on any standard motor vehicle license exam.  I’ll give you four guesses and the first three don’t count – The bicycle! While semis and motorcycles are two vehicles the average person will not drive in his […]

Traffic Study Pricing – 2014 Update

Back in 2010 I wrote about pricing out a traffic study so developers could check the reasonableness of quotes they’re getting from their engineer.  I updated the pricing in 2012 and we’re due for another update. Here’s an updated pricing matrix based on current trends I’m seeing in the Midwest – 2014 Unit Prices for Costing […]

Recent Experience Responding to Government RFPs

Our clients come to us at Traffic Data Inc when they need a traffic count.  They have our standard price list and we usually don’t even provide a quote.  They send us an email with what they need and we confirm the price with an email.  Basically a handshake agreement.  More than nine out of ten […]

How I Ended Up A Traffic Engineer

Maybe you had a vision when you were five years old that you wanted to prepare traffic signal timing plans.  Not me. My path looks a lot more like Forrest Gump bouncing along. I failed all of my math tests in first grade, which I’m guessing isn’t very typical for engineers.  My grandpa and dad played […]

Is the Client Always Right?

A gravel mining operation is expanding in our region and they could have up to 18 trucks entering and then exiting their facility per hour.  The trucks all turn at a local road/state highway tee intersection (each are two lane roads, no turn lanes, side street is stop sign controlled).  We were hired to determine […]

Traffic Study Projects on the Upswing

Brent Hislop at the Synergy Land Group puts together a great summary of  housing market trends every quarter — covering both National and Twin Cities trends.  His Summary of Housing Forecasts & Report – Spring 2014 Edition takes about five minutes to digest and I strongly recommend you take a quick look if your work is […]

9 Transportation Planning Lessons Learned for Large Events

By Mike Spack, PE, PTOE Soumya Dey and Eulois Cleckley of the District Department of Transportation wrote an excellent titled Transportation Planning and Operations for the Inauguration of the President of the United States. They did an after action report that boiled their experience down to nine lessons learned.  I like this list a lot and […]

Traffic Related Resources for a City Engineer

I’m presenting “Transportation Engineering Tools for City Engineers” with Marc Culver (Roseville, MN City Engineer) this afternoon at the City Engineers Association of Minnesota annual meeting.  Here are some links we’ve put together for city engineers when they need to dive deeper into a specific topic.  Anything to add? Very Helpful Resource for many of these topics, […]

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