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ITE Announces Merger with ASCE

Hot off the press from The Onion – The Institute of Transportation Engineers announced today it is merging with the American Society of Civil Engineers.  ASCE Executive Director, Patrick Natale, was pleased to announce the merger saying, “ASCE and ITE both have long traditions of serving our members and improving society.  Our corporate cultures are […]

Announcing NCITE’s New SimCap Committee

Forgive the MN, SD, ND -centric post. NCITE has formed a new Simulation and Capacity Committee (SimCap).  I’ll be chairing it this year and Bryan Nemeth from Bolton & Menk will co-chair (he’ll be chair next year and we’ll get into a leadership rotation).  We’ll be developing best practices for using different software programs and […]

Audi Vehicle Detects Malfunctioning Traffic Signal System

Here are couple of interesting articles related to car technology from the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) held in Las Vegas last week – CNET and Wall Street Journal.  The CNET article talks about demonstration cars parking themselves and driving up to 40 mph.  More interesting for traffic engineers is this snippet from the Wall Street […]

How to Get Grant Money for Collecting Trip Generation Data

I’ve received several emails from ITE explaining a grant they are offering for collecting trip generation.  They are offering up to five grants at $1,000 each to student groups to collect trip generation data for them.  If you’re part of a student group looking to raise $1,000, check out the Request for Proposal.  Proposals are due […]

2014 Traffic Count Prices for Traffic Data Inc

Below is our price list at Traffic Data Inc.  I know these prices will seem really expensive in some regions and really cheap in others.  The traffic counting business seems to be pretty localized. You’ll notice we don’t charge a straight rate for each hour for turning movement counts.  We price our turning movement counts […]

What Should be Included in a City’s Transportation Plan

A month ago I wrote the 10 Things a New City Traffic Engineer Should Do.  First on my list is reviewing the city’s transportation plan.  Here are key items that should be included the plan and the new traffic engineer should think through – Access Spacing Guidelines:  First on my list because you’re going to […]

Prepare Traffic Studies Like an Expert

Bryant and I are very excited to announce the official launch of the Traffic Study Manual (Version 1.0). All of our materials are designed to help the new transportation professional get up to speed quickly – saving them and their managers time. Check out Spack Academy to learn more about the Traffic Study Manual and […]