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NCITE Annual Meeting – 50th Anniversary!

We had a great NCITE Annual Meeting last night at the beautiful Minnesota History Center.  There were about 80 folks in attendance, including the Midwestern ITE District Board and 15 NCITE Past-Presidents. We celebrated our 50th Anniversary by having Ed Bather (an original signer of our charter in 1963), Tom Campbell, Bob Sands, Lyle Berg, […]

12 Things a New City Traffic Engineer Should Do

By Mike Spack, PE, PTOE I developed a five-year plan back when I became the traffic engineer for Maple Grove, MN in 2001.  It was a list of systems I wanted to implement along with my philosophy regarding each topic.  I shared it with my boss.  We tweaked it.  Then I went to work.  I […]

What To Do When You Find a Mistake

Several years ago we did a traffic study for redeveloping a tired indoor shopping center.  The anchor grocery store was remodeling and there was about 40,000 square feet of vacant space inside because a couple of tenants had recently closed shop.  The new plan included developing small buildings on outlots around the mall in addition […]

Top Secret ITE Member Survey Results

The October edition of the ITE Journal has a one page summary of the member survey results.  Here are the facts listed in the summary article: 3,912 surveys completed, representing a 14.1% response rate. Top 3 Reasons Current Members Belong Stay current on information about their profession Network and build professional relationships Obtain professional development […]

How to be a “Beta Tester” for the Traffic Study Manual

Bryant Ficek and I have put together a Manual on how to prepare traffic studies.  It’s an 80 page eBook that goes through the detailed steps to prepare a traffic study, including checklists and war stories from our careers.  As a bonus, we’re also including guides for preparing proposals and managing the traffic study process. […]

Using 3D Printing for Traffic Counting Devices

Several customers have asked for some type of device that will show how charged the batteries are in their COUNTcams.  We opted to go with a plug in device instead of building a gauge into each counter, which is consistent with our plan to keep devices cost effective. Quinn in the office has been experimenting […]

Results from MikeOnTraffic Survey

Thank you to everyone who filled out my survey!  I think there's about a 10% response rate (cross-referencing the 107 responses against about 1500 weekly hits on the blog), which is pretty overwhelming for a purely voluntary survey. The biggest takeaway for me is to keep writing and to actually post more.  Once I get […]

On Developing Engineering Judgment and Wordsmithing

I'm helping a couple of young traffic engineers at a local consulting firm until the firm gets through their current surge of work.  I just reviewed a well written traffic assessment memo.  I did find a little teaching moment though. The purpose of the memo was to document the existing conditions in the study area […]

Please take my 2013 MikeOnTraffic Reader Survey

The layout of this blog is stuck in 2005.  It's time to freshen things up – redesign coming soon!  Working on the redesign made me think I should touch base with YOU.  What a crazy idea – find out a little bit about you, loyal reader, so I can better tailor the blog to your […]