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What To Do When You Find a Mistake

Several years ago we did a traffic study for redeveloping a tired indoor shopping center.  The anchor grocery store was remodeling and there was about 40,000 square feet of vacant space inside because a couple of tenants had recently closed shop.  The new plan included developing small buildings on outlots around the mall in addition […]

Free Dashboard Cam App – Review of Ubipix

I just checked out Ubipix.  It took me about five minutes to download the free app on my iPhone (there’s an Android version too), setup an account and test it by walking in front of our office.  We were briefly selling a dedicated dashboard cam at for $299.  This free app has all of […]

How to be a “Beta Tester” for the Traffic Study Manual

Bryant Ficek and I have put together a Manual on how to prepare traffic studies.  It’s an 80 page eBook that goes through the detailed steps to prepare a traffic study, including checklists and war stories from our careers.  As a bonus, we’re also including guides for preparing proposals and managing the traffic study process. […]

On Developing Engineering Judgment and Wordsmithing

I'm helping a couple of young traffic engineers at a local consulting firm until the firm gets through their current surge of work.  I just reviewed a well written traffic assessment memo.  I did find a little teaching moment though. The purpose of the memo was to document the existing conditions in the study area […]

Why is the signal always red?

or the signal is always greener on the other side. The Denver Regional Council of Governments put together a primer on signal timing (get it here).  The brief pdf does a great job of explaining how traffic signals are timed and the trade-offs involved when developing timing plans – all in layman terms with great […]

How to Forecast Hourly Volumes for Signal Warrant Analysis

By Mike Spack, PE, PTOE Tim Aziere, PE, PTOE from Baughman Company in Kansas emailed me this interesting question – “I am doing a signal warrant for a proposed mix-use development here in Wichita, Kansas. The existing land use is a golf course and the proposed uses (10 of them) will generate over 43,000 veh/day. […]

Traffic Study Checklist for Reviewers

By Mike Spack, PE, PTOE I’m occasionally hired to review traffic studies other consultants have prepared. Here’s a list of questions I use when I have to go through a traffic study: Project Description Review. Does the traffic study have a complete project description? Type of proposed uses Size – building square footages, units, etc. Build […]

Travel Demand Management – Does it work?

Travel Demand Management (jargon alert – TDM) strategies are simply ways to encourage people to stop driving to work by themselves during rush hour.  Do they work?  I don’t know.  They sound good (promote bike riding, promote transit riding, give people money if they carpool, charge for parking, etc. should get people to not drive by […]

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