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Top 15 Ways Autonomous Vehicles Will Change Cities

Autonomous vehicles are coming – it’s a matter of when, not if.  I believe they’ll be ubiquitous within twenty years and humans driving will be illegal on public streets in 30 to 40 years.  Streets take up about 25% of real estate in most cities and autonomous vehicles will likely change the landscape of the […]

Documenting the Effectiveness of Travel Demand Management Measures

A number of  years ago we conducted a study documenting the effectiveness of travel demand management (TDM) plans in reducing peak hour traffic generation and peak parking demand in six office complexes in Minnesota. We’ve since updated and expanded that study. The study analyzed traffic and parking at nine sites in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metropolitan […]

Traffic Data Inc 2016 Price List

Each year we share our Traffic Data Inc.’s data collection price list and the 2016 price list has just been released. Traffic Data Inc. is primarily focused on data collection in the Midwest (especially Minnesota and Wisconsin). Many data collection firms require you to call them for a quote on each project you have. We provide […]

Queue Data for the Top 5 Drive Through Uses

A key item for traffic engineers to review on a commercial site is whether or not vehicles waiting in a drive through lane will block circulation in the parking lot. Very little actual data exists on drive through queues, so we collected more than 1,200 hours of video at drive-throughs and did the data reduction.  […]

Road Congestion Relief: How Engineers are Fighting Traffic

Below is an infographic from the New Jersey Institute of Technology about road congestion and how our profession is working on it.  I like infographics in general and this one has some interesting data. I do wonder about the forecasts though.  Some of the references are two to three years old.  As I wrote about half a […]

Top 6 Ways to Pick Apart a Traffic Study

By Bryant Ficek, PE, PTOE Most, and should be all, traffic engineers will readily admit our standard process for preparing Traffic Impact Studies has several points of assumptions, estimates, or flat-out guesses. Here are the Top 6 Areas a reviewer could focus on to pick apart a Traffic Impact Study: Traffic Counts – we generally complete intersection […]

Review of Trip Generation Handbook, 3rd Edition

Guest Post from Bryant Ficek, PE, PTOE – Vice-President of Spack Consulting It’s long and academic, but I finally managed to read through the 3rd Edition of ITE’s Trip Generation Handbook. Published just last year in August, this updated manual provides guidance on the use of and how to collect trip generation information. As the […]

ITE Trip Generation Results in Phantom Trips?

At least that’s the thesis of Adam Millard-Ball in an article posted on Access titled Phantom Trips.  I agree with him that if one was going to use the trip generation rates in ITE’s Trip Generation Manual as the foundation for regional traffic forecasts, you would be significantly over-estimating the traffic in the region.  You could use ITE […]

Washington State DOT Forecasts Vehicle Miles Traveled Will Continue to Decrease

The Washington State DOT just published The 2014 Corridor Capacity Report and the Washington Transportation Revenue Forecast Council published their Transportation Economic and Revenue Forecasts.  This is not newsworthy, but the forecasts buried in these documents are remarkable.  Below is their revised Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) forecast. This is the first state DOT revised forecast I […]

Top 10 Land Uses in Traffic Impact Studies

Out of curiosity, we looked through the traffic impact studies we’ve prepared over the last three years to figure out what types of developments we most often analyze.  We found that we analyzed 50 different types of land uses from January 2011 through July 2014.  Some of those land uses were only in a single […]