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A Better Methodology for Trip Generation Internal Capture Rates

The Florida DOT hired the Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR) at the University of Florida in Tampa to analyze internal capture rates at nine mixed use site in Florida.  Brian Bochner of the Texas Transportation Institute was a sub-consultant on the project to help ensure consistency with the previous major analysis of internal capture rates […]

Build It and They Will Come – How Road Widening Induces Demand

Adam Mann at Wired magazine just wrote an article about bigger roads actually making traffic worse.  It seems crazy, but it is a well documented fact that building bigger roads attracts more traffic. I experienced that in Maple Grove.  We’d widen a road and the traffic volumes would spike nearly to our twenty year forecasts. […]

Example of Iterating Development Forecasts & Capacity Analyses

I’ve written extensively about us using PTV’s Vistro software to do traffic forecasting and analyses (here, here, here, and here).  It’s cut our labor in half doing traffic studies because the modeling software is straightforward to set up and it automatically produces all of the figures and tables we need for our reports. Last year […]

Trip Generation for Airport Based Rental Car Facilities

The April 2014 ITE Journal presents research by Gunn, George, Holcomb, Bekele, Ardeshiri, and Zheng related to how much traffic is generated by a Consolidated Rental Car Facility at the Thurgood Marshall International Airport in Baltimore, Maryland.  The article is well written. Tangent – wait for it, wait for it…. Consolidated Rental Car Facilities at […]

What is the Value of Long Range Forecasts?

This is a guest post from Bryant Ficek, PE, PTOE who works at TKDA.  He co-authored the Traffic Study Manual with me and will occasionally write posts about projects he’s working on.  The reader survey I did last year asked for more case studies and guest posts.  Here you go! As I developed the scope […]

What Should be Included in a City’s Transportation Plan

A month ago I wrote the 10 Things a New City Traffic Engineer Should Do.  First on my list is reviewing the city’s transportation plan.  Here are key items that should be included the plan and the new traffic engineer should think through – Access Spacing Guidelines:  First on my list because you’re going to […]

What To Do When You Find a Mistake

Several years ago we did a traffic study for redeveloping a tired indoor shopping center.  The anchor grocery store was remodeling and there was about 40,000 square feet of vacant space inside because a couple of tenants had recently closed shop.  The new plan included developing small buildings on outlots around the mall in addition […]

Checklist for Developing Traffic Forecasts

I’ve been a fan of checklists ever since I read Atul Gawande’s Checklist Manifesto.  Inspired by Dr. Gawande, below is a list of things to consider when developing traffic forecasts for a Traffic Impact Study. Checklist for Developing Traffic Forecasts No-Build, Future Year Forecasts Normalize existing data to “average” weekday conditions with seasonal and weekday […]