Announcing the New COUNTcloud Service that Counts your Videos for You

Since we started, people have been asking us if we’ll count their videos.  Over the last six months we’ve built up a network of contractors who use our COUNTpad/PC-TAS system (including our folks at Traffic Data Inc).  I’m excited to announce the launch of our new COUNTcloud service!

Learn more about our new outsourced turning movement count service at COUNTcloud.

Below is our pricing table – note how we’re trying to nudge the universe to collect 48-hour turning movement counts by giving lower prices per hour the longer the count is.

Count Cloud - We Turn YOUR Videos into Traffic Data - Pricing Matrix

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2 thoughts on “Announcing the New COUNTcloud Service that Counts your Videos for You

  1. This is my 30th year in business and 50th since my first job in Traffic Engineering. We have used video for count, class and license plates for over 20-years. What are you doing that may generate a mutual interest?
    Traffic Engineering Services, Inc
    Elm Grove, WI
    262 797-9097

    • Wayne – Video has been around for a long time. We’re taking advantage of Moore’s Law and pushing the envelope on the software and hardware, which is resulting in our customers being able to significantly lower their prices. The new COUNTcloud service is another step in greatly reducing overall prices in the industry. I don’t know of anyone else providing 48 hour turning movement counts (from client supplied video) for $240 (which equals $5/hour). That 48 hour count gives ADT’s on the four legs of the intersections and gives you peak hour data that you can average. This is where our industry should be headed if prices come down enough. Mike