February 17


Announcing New Lithium-Ion COUNTcam that Records Traffic for 200 Hours

By Mike Spack

February 17, 2015

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COUNTcam 200 Video Traffic Counter - Vehicle Counting - Traffic Data CollectionI’m very excited to announce two new COUNTcam traffic video recorder models: the COUNTcam 100 and the COUNTcam 200. Continuing with our naming tradition, the COUNTcam 100 records for 100 hours and the COUNTcam 200 records for 200 hours (over 1 full week).

We started from scratch and redesigned the electronics  to use lithium ion-batteries instead of lead acid batteries.  Our new COUNTcam 200 model weighs 40 pounds less than our old 120 model. Plus lithium-ion batteries perform much better than lead acid batteries – they need less maintenance charging and will have a longer life.

The COUNTcam 100 retails for $1,499 – the same as our old COUNTcam 40 model.  I believe getting 60 more recording hours for the same price is quite a bargain.  The COUNTcam 200 retails for $2,199 – a slight increase over the 120 to be able to record a full week of video instead of just five days  (we’re keeping our COUNTkit bundle prices the same, which provides great value).

COUNTcam Traffic Data Collection Equiptment l Traffic Survey KitThe new recorders also have more flexible scheduling features and they come standard with a battery charger, SD card, and color wide angle camera – all upgrades.  We also designed a holder inside the case to keep your cables, remote, and camera organized.

I’m very proud of our new design and believe our new COUNTcams are the best portable traffic video recording systems available.  Please give us a call at 1-888-888-0637 if you have any questions about our new COUNTcams!

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