December 9


horizontal_tagAirSage is coming out with a new FREE dataset that regional transportation planners should find useful.  Basically, they’re providing origin/destination commuter data between every county in the U.S.  You can read more about this dataset and sign up to be a beta reviewer of the data HERE.  (as a beta reviewer you get to look at the data in a filterable spreadsheet, which I did, but AirSage is restricting disclosure of the data at this time so I can’t drill into interesting patterns in the data for you yet)

In their FAQ’s document, AirSage lists an 18% sampling rate.  That’s much better than the 1-2% sampling rate regional travel inventory efforts usual get.  Although there are potential biases in the sample because it is based on cell phone signals from Verizon and Sprint.

This is a phenomenal free resource for academics.  Of course paying AirSage for city to city origin-destination or even Traffic Analysis Zone (TAZ) to TAZ would be much more beneficial for calibrating regional models.

I appreciate that AirSage is adding to our industry with this large, free dataset.  I encourage you to take a look at the data yourself.

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