August 23


I'm surprised/excited by the number of questions we’re getting related to the countSTICK, and we’ll be sharing some FAQs later, but answering one of the most common questions we’re getting – No, the countSTICK does not automatically do turning movement counts.

Spack Solutions currently has two solutions for collecting turning movement counts after you’ve used our countCAM (or your own camera) to record video of the intersection:

  1. Transcribe the video into turning movement count data yourself using our countPAD.  (like using an old Jamar count board but counting on fast forward speed from the comfort of your office with the ability to stop/save and take bathroom breaks)
  2. Upload the video to our countCLOUD system, and we’ll transcribe the video into turning movement count data, delivered to you within three business days.  (like using Miovision but at half the cost and no contracts)

We have a 14-day full refund policy, so you can buy any of the above products at our online store to try us out -

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