September 24


Check out Missouri's recently opened Route 13/Interstate 44 diverging diamond interchange.  Drivers go on the left side of the road over the bridge instead of the traditional right side.  This is much more efficient for many situations because the left turners have much less delay.  Courtesy of the Missouri DOT, here's a video of the interchange in action.

  • I believe that ODOT is looking at a diverging diamond interchange as an option in southern Oregon. Great concept. Any word on how driver’s respond? New things seem to scare drivers.

  • New is usually scary to motorists. I think the interchange has been open for about three months, so its too early for real before/after results (safety or efficiency stats). Anyone have anecdotal stories?

  • Last month, representatives from McHenry County, Illinois, presented a similar concept for Randall Road. . The corridor is heavily developed with retail, residential and recreational land uses fronting the corridor. This was one of the concepts investigated by the team working on improving the Algonquin/Randall intersection.

  • I drive this Missouri intersection quite often… it works! It’s amazing… the traffic use to be completely backed up – not any more. This works. Family that lives in the area agrees… they like it.

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