Endorsement for ITE International Vice-President: Shawn Leight

Shawn LeightIf you’re an ITE member, today is your chance to vote for our next international vice-president.  Jimmy Lin and Shawn Leight are the two candidates.

Mr. Lin has a very impressive background as a business owner, ITE member and elected official.  However, Shawn Leight has just as impressive a resume AND his involvement within ITE makes him the best candidate to help ITE evolve into the organization I hope it will become.

Given my past concerns about ITE’s future, current involvement within ITE is not an automatic criteria for my vote.  In Shawn’s case though I believe he agrees with me that ITE needs to significantly evolve (I’ve had several in depth conversations with him over the last four years) and I believe his involvement gives him a clear understanding of how to move ITE forward.  I’m also a believer in Shawn’s ability to lead.

This year, I believe we have a clear choice and I hope you’ll join me in voting for Shawn Leight, PE, PTOE, PTP as the Institute of Transportation Engineers’ 2015 International Board Vice-President.

p.s.  I’ll also be voting for Paula Flores Benway for president (I endorsed her for VP last year), but that’s an automatic jump from vice-president and she’s running unopposed.

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