The Evolution of Free Trip Generation Data

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By Mike Spack, PE, PTOE

I’ve seen a need for improving Trip Generation (a dataset of how much traffic enter/enters different land use types based on different variables with the largest United States-based dataset being the Institute of Transportation Engineers’ Trip Generation Manual).  Trip generation is at the heart of traffic forecasting and traffic impact studies, so I’ve written extensively about it over the years.  Here are a few of those posts:

As recommended in the Trip Generation Manual, we collect current/local trip generation data to supplement our traffic studies.  We decided to start sharing this data in 2015 (because we’re here to Improve Transportation Globally) through  The latest dataset has more than 10,500 hours in it including data shared to us by other consultants and agencies. Our dataset includes apartments, fast casual dining, liquor stores, marijuana dispensaries, shopping centers, gas stations, housing and more.

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As expected, we see variation between our current Minnesota based data and ITE’s data.  You can read about some of the more interesting differences in these posts:

I commend ITE for taking a huge step forward with the latest release of the Trip Generation Manual. I started to supplement ITE’s once a decade release of their dataset.  They’ve incorporated many of the features I’ve written about and I’m hopeful ITE’s system will be good enough, that we discontinue  We’re also proud to be the number one private contributor to this 10th Edition of the Trip Generation Manual and expect to continue this tradition in the 11th edition!

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