November 5


UbipixI just checked out Ubipix.  It took me about five minutes to download the free app on my iPhone (there’s an Android version too), setup an account and test it by walking in front of our office.  We were briefly selling a dedicated dashboard cam at for $299.  This free app has all of the same functionality.  I just ordered a $20 dashboard mount for my iPhone to complete the package.

I’ve stopped selling the dashboard cam – you should get this app, buy a phone mount from Amazon, and save $275.

Check out this eight minute video video clip of me taking a test drive near my office. The screenshot’s on the right.  The browser shows:

  • Map location
  • Speed
  • Elevation
  • View of video

This is an awesome tool to take videos of your site visits.  It seems to be totally free, but that comes with storage space limitations.  Videos are limited to being 15 minutes and you have a 500 mb storage limit.  Based on my testing that equals about five 15 minute videos.  I need to do some more testing.  My bet is that you can buy longer videos and more storage space.


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