January 19


In case you didn't get Nate's email, we're providing free shipping to American customers and $55 off shipping for international orders this month at www.CountingCars.com.  For U.S. shipping use code SHIP and for international shipping use code 1SHIP during the checkout process.

Also, we're pretty excited in the shop.  MnDOT ordered one COUNTkit 40 this summer to test out.  They really like it and we just fulfilled an order for five more COUNTkits!  

An overall update for CountingCars.com – we have customers in 40 U.S. states, 6 Canadian provinces, and 15 other countries.  We get pretty excited about crossing states/provinces/countries off our world map in the office.  If you're in Montana, Newfoundland, or Russia – you'd make Nate's week if you'd place an order!

  • Stephen – I hadn’t thought about peds taking over the urban environment and I hadn’t heard that brought up before. A very interesting point that will have to get worked out. I could see a system that started with automation on highways, but required the driver to take over once you hit the exit ramp. That could be a next step in the evolution.

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