December 15


Fttp Please forgive me for straying from my traffic theme this week, but I want to let you know about my new book – From Tuition to Promotion (available here at and hopefully coming soon to Barnes & Noble). 

The book was inspired by my co-teaching the civil engineering senior design class at the U of MN.  I've come to realize folks with professional degrees (accounting, engineering, architecture, etc.) are taught very little about the working world in their undergrad programs.  From Tuition to Promotion tracks Chris through the ups and downs of his first three years on the job, hopefully giving some insight on how the beginning stages of a career will play out.

From the back cover of the book:

You’re Hired.  Now

What’s it like to sit in a cube from
9 to 5?  How should you interact with
your boss?  What kind of work assignments
will be best for you?  How can you make
the biggest impact?  How will you make it
through the world’s most boring meeting? 
What do you need to do to get that promotion and raise?  These questions (and many more) are ones Mike
had when he started his career as a civil engineer – the same kind of questions
his students at the University of Minnesota have.
 Your professors don’t talk about
these issues and your boss probably won’t either. 

That’s where this book comes in, as a guide
for not only surviving but thriving in the first three years of your new
career.  It’s honest advice that your
boss may not want you to hear, because sometimes the company’s interests won’t
line up with your interests. 

Let Uncle Mike be your first mentor!

Thanks for indulging this little bit of self promotion.  I'll get back to traffic stuff with my next post.

  • Sounds like a very useful book that will get students prepared when it comes to succeeding in the real working world. The transition from student to employee can be challenging.

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