March 4


I blogged a few months ago about road tube vendors here.  We just received our order from Hanna Rubber as promised.  The tubes look just like those I receive from Jamar (except they're cut down to 50 foot lengths based on my request).  I'll post if they turn out to be inferior, but I'm not expecting that.  At this point I give Hanna Rubber a big thumbs up.  If you need tubes, give Chad a call and tell him I sent you.

Chad Myre

Hanna Rubber Company

1511 Baltimore Ave

Kansas City, Mo. 64108

Toll Free (800) 591-3035

  • Hi Mike,
    I wanted to pass on a word of caution on the Hanna tubes. We have used them as a supplier in the past and ran into issues with the lengths of the tubes not being precise. They may have resolved this problem (we no longer use them as a vendor), but you may want to spot check the lengths of your tubes to be sure.

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