August 5


Guides for Traffic Engineering/Planning 101

By Mike Spack

August 5, 2014

Traffic Engineering

We’ve decided to put together a series of primers/guides on different traffic engineering and planning topics.  I’m thinking they’ll give a brief introduction, have some photos, list pros/cons/considerations, and link to a bunch of online resources if the person wants to explore the topic further.  The audience is not the seasoned traffic engineer, but students, city engineers, city council members, residents, EITs, etc.

Here are the topics I’m thinking we should cover (let me know if you have additional ideas) –

  • Protected left turn lanes
  • Right turn lanes
  • Roundabouts
  • Traffic signals
  • Traffic calming
  • Access management
  • Flashing yellow arrow operations
  • Stop signs
  • Two way left turn lanes
  • Diverging diamond interchanges
  • Intersection sight distance

I got tremendous help from a group of you when we put together the Traffic Study Manual and I’d love to tap into your collective knowledge again.  If you want to review/comment on the design guides, please send me an email at  I expect to email out one design guide about every two weeks and would like your thoughts within two weeks of receiving it.

I want to then get on a roll where I’m posting one of these design guides a month on the blog.  Of course you could comment on them via the blog if you don’t want to be part of the pre-design.  I expect these will be living documents that evolve over time.  We may even turn these into separate websites devoted to each topic.

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Mike Spack

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