September 8


Hay Days 2011 Traffic Management/Parking

By Mike Spack

September 8, 2011

Hay Days Traffic Traffic Management Plans

Hay days
Hay Days (the largest snowmobile event in the world) is coming up this weekend in Sunrise Township, Minnesota.  Last year I posted about the traffic mess around Hay Days, having worked on the initial traffic impact study but not the traffic management plan.  This year the Sno Barons Snowmobile Club (hosts of Hay Days) brought me in to help with the traffic management plan.

Last year, the problems were cause by a perfect storm.  LiterallHay days parkingy – they had problems at the site driveways due to rain and big trailers getting stuck.  They've really beefed up the driveways to withstand rain and they've also changed how vendors access the site.

From my perspective though, things will be greatly improved this year because more parking lots have been added (map here).  Instead of a single lot there will be four big lots that triple the amount of available parking.  These lots provide many more options for visitors. 

We're placing signs at every key junction near the site pointing in the directions of available parking.  If one direction is jammed up, follow the signs to an alternate parking lot.

I'm not able to make it to Hay Days because I'll be at my grandma's 95th birthday party.  I'd love to get feedback from those who attended so we can make next year even better!


  • Last year everyone anticipated the new location of Hay Days, the largest snowmobile-related event in the country and I dare say the world. What wasn’t anticipated was the 3-1/2 hour wait in traffic just 2.7 miles away.

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