February 2


In case you're thinking about purchasing our new countCAM3 or the countPAD2, I thought I'd share this email we received:

I am very pleased with the countCAM3. I have used the original countCAM, and the countCAM2. I still have several countCAM2s that I use if I have more intersections than I can cover with our countCAM3s. The countCAM3 is an improvement over the countCAM2 in terms of storage and battery life, but the user interface really makes it shine. I like the ability to set it for peak hours only or a 13-hour count if needed. This saves both battery life and storage. Selecting the video quality can also be useful, depending on the purpose of the count. Finally, I am very pleased with the Customer Service! One of the cameras I received had a slight imperfection. I contacted Technical Support, who sent me another camera via overnight shipping. I returned the first camera for repairs (which were accomplished quickly) and bought the replacement camera because I hated sending it back! Overall, they were very helpful and responsive. I even got a call from Mr. Spack to make sure everything was OK. I plan to keep adding more of these cameras as we expand our operations.

I have used the countPAD2 for several traffic counts. I like the ability to align the keyboard to the orientation of the intersection. The countPRO software is good. I like to speed up the playback for intersections or periods that aren’t quite as busy as others. I like the save function, and I make good use of it. If I miss a few vehicles, I reload the last saved count and have only lost a few minutes. Having the ability to perform traffic counts in-house gives us the flexibility to meet our clients’ needs in a way that we couldn’t do without the cameras and countPAD2. Sometimes, we have a quick turnaround or need specific data to manage ourselves better.

  • Jeffrey H. Moore, P. E. | Traffic Engineering Manager | Gannett Fleming
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