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How to be a "Beta Tester" for the Traffic Study Manual - Mike on Traffic

How to be a “Beta Tester” for the Traffic Study Manual

Traffic Study ManualBryant Ficek and I have put together a Manual on how to prepare traffic studies.  It’s an 80 page eBook that goes through the detailed steps to prepare a traffic study, including checklists and war stories from our careers.  As a bonus, we’re also including guides for preparing proposals and managing the traffic study process.

We hope the Manual accomplishes two goals:

  1. Shortens the learning curve for folks new to preparing traffic studies.
  2. Helps traffic engineering managers standardize their process.

We’re going to be charging $50 for the Traffic Study Manual once we go live, but I’m looking for twenty “beta testers/reviewers” to spend the time to go through it and give us their thoughts by November 15th.  (UPDATE – More than 100 people have already signed up for beta testing and I’m not taking on any more volunteers.  We’ll be selling Traffic Study Manual Version 1.1 at the end of November and I’ll be posing discounted pricing on MikeOnTraffic – please check back!)  Of course, I’ll send you the eBook for free.  In exchange, I’ll want you to answer:

  • How did the eBook deliver on it’s promises?
  • Who would you recommend this to and why?
  • What would you change or recommend we add to the eBook?

If appropriate, I hope you’d allow me to use your name/responses (and maybe a photo) in marketing and promotional materials.  Please email me at mspack@spackconsulting.com if you’re interested in being a reviewer.  I may be slammed with emails, so I might not get back to you until early next week – thanks in advance for your patience.

Mike Spack

  • Paxie says:

    perfect. Send me the beta

  • Monica Beeman says:


    Would like to participate in the review. Think between available staff we should be able to cover in short turn around.

  • I am the traffic engineer and willing to be a beta tester(reader) of your new book. I presume you would email it to us.


    Lowell O’Grady

  • Gary Sokolow says:

    I look forward to seeing it. I already have used some of you materials (with full credit) in our re-write draft.

  • Matthew Sokop says:

    I’d be interested in reviewing the manual. As City Engineer for the City of Holyoke I frequently reivew TIAS’s for projects that petition for site plan review.

  • I would be interested in being a beta tester.

  • Tim Young says:

    I would be interested in being a “beta tester”. I work for the Hagerstown municipal government. We do simple studies in the office but we mainly review traffic studies by developers and coordinate more involved studies with our traffic consultant.

  • Dennis D. Barnes, PE, TE says:

    Hi, Mike, I am vounteering to be reviewer/beta tester of your new Traffic Study Manual. I am the Traffic and Transportation Manager for the City of Buena Park, CA. I review a number of traffic impact studies that are submitted to the City by developers for EIR’s and special traffic impact studies.

  • Peter Eakland says:

    I would be interested in serving as a beta reviewer of the manual. I have worked extensively on traffic studies from both the municipal and consulting sides of issues.

  • Alan Samsa says:

    Hi Mike,
    Happy to participate as beta tester.

  • AJ Marciuska says:

    Sure would be glad to help review. It looks like a very helpful publications that can help agencies and consultants.

  • Richard says:

    Sounds like a great exchange.

  • Vincent LI says:

    As a traffic engineer, I am interested in being a reviewer for making recommendation to the manual based on local practices as far as possible.

  • Patrick Andre says:

    I would be pleased to asist with the viewing of the Traffic Study Manual and give my views.

  • Ron Engh says:

    I’m willing to share my comments of my limited experience !

  • Stella I. says:

    I look forward to reviewing the book. Thanks.

  • Brian Dempsey says:

    I am willing to be a Beta Tester for the Traffic Study Manual.

  • Carlos Miranda says:

    I would love to be part of the beta review.

  • Raju Porandla says:

    I’m a Traffic Engineer and would like to participate in the review.

    Raju Porandla

  • Borg Chan says:

    As a traffic engineer of 25 years, I would be interested in being a beta tester of the new book.

    Thanks and have a nice day.


  • Happy to review your book!

  • Amr Mohammed says:

    I would also be happy to review your book

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