March 31


Don Gettner at Ridge Engineering sent me a couple of interesting emails related to the price of technology.  Don is the programmer behind our PC-TAS counting program and he has been in the traffic counting industry for more than 30 years (working different stints at Jamar, Diamond, and I believe Miovision among other companies).

His first email was about the multitude of tablets (with a usb port) that cost less than $100.  There are a couple of different apps out there that allow you to do a turning movement count on a phone or tablet.  As I’ve blogged about in the past, I love them in theory but the lack of tactile buttons is a deal breaker based on our testing.

There might be some use for tablets to use as recorders for license plate matching studies.  Maybe use voice recognition software so a person can record the dataset in the field or from videos?  We can also use these tablets with the PC-Travel software.

His latest email is about a GPS tracking module that costs $179.  This could be used for different types of floating car speed studies, but would need software built around it.

Do you have any ideas for traffic counting hardware/software we should be exploring?


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