October 15


A one way sign, a do not enter sign, and two no left turn signs – all to keep people from turning the wrong way onto Excelsior Boulevard at this 3/4 access near my office.

The left out from the cross street is blocked by a median protecting the left turn lane.  I don’t know the history of the intersection, nor do I have turning movement counts, but anyone turning illegally here knows exactly what they’re doing.  No sign is going to stop them if they want to turn left.

Signs don’t fix a situation like this.  Either there isn’t a problem and the signs are a waste of money or there is a problem and the median needs to be extended a couple of feet with concrete (or plastic pylon tubes).

Just another small rant from a sign minimalist.  We need to stop thinking this is ok.

2014-10-13 16.15.07

  • I do agree! If they don’t get it with one, they’re certainly not going to understand more signs….
    Do they actually drive across the median? Looks dangerous as heck to do something like that.

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