April 23


In Lane Zig-Zag Markings

By Mike Spack

April 23, 2009

There has been some press lately about experimental zig-zag lines being painted on roads in Virginia.  The story made it onto a popular morning show in the Twin Cities yesterday.  The Virginia DOT is studying the affects of the zig-zags lines in the middle of the through lanes to see if they improve safety at pedestrian crossings by making them more visible.  They are being used at locations that already have all of the standard paint and signs in place.

The DOT is doing a scientific, before/after study to see if the zig-zags have a positive safety impact.  I am reserving judgment until the study is done.

Thanks to Randy Dittberner of the Virginia DOT for the following pictures.  The first picture is of Sterling Boulevard and was taken today right after installation.  The second picture is from the well publicized Belmont Ridge siteZig zag 1.

Zig zag 2

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