Traffic Adaptive System Is Having Growing Pains

InSync Traffic Camera and Firmware Updates Coming Soon

InSync SystemTwo years ago I wrote a very positive post about Rhythm Engineering’s InSync Traffic Adaptive signal control system.  I still believe traffic adaptive signal control is the future and that traffic engineers should not be doing signal timing plans in 20 years.

I’ve talked to several people in the industry with knowledge about the InSync System and there appears to be two technical issues with the current system:

  1. They switched to a Samsung camera detection system that is not working consistently.
  2. The new firmware update screwed up the part of the algorithm that uses historical detector data as a backup to run the system if something is off with the real-time detection.

Two years ago I met Reggie Chandra, the founder and visionary of Rhythm Engineering.  I’m a believer in Reggie and I think he will get these issues resolved.  I’d still be looking at adaptive control, including InSync, if I was in control of a traffic signal system around a mall, college campus, or sport’s stadium.  I’d also be looking at installing adaptive control if I was rebuilding the signals along an entire corridor.

But since I wrote positively about the InSync System in the past, it’s my responsibility to give you the inside scoop so you can ask questions if you’re considering the InSync System. I am confident that Reggie Chandra’s team will eventually resolve these issues.

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One thought on “Traffic Adaptive System Is Having Growing Pains

  1. Doesn’t work here in Florida from my experience. They are being sued also because of non-delivery of promised results.
    They seem to keep blaming others for the system not working as promised.
    I drive through multiple Insync coordiors daily and get stopped almost at every intersection I drive through. That is basic coordination synchronization of traffic signals not being done. VMS displays frequently drive times through these areas like ” 3.5 miles – 7 to 9 mins” on 40 mph roads non rush hour traffic through their adaptive controlled intersections.
    Why Reggie Chandra is heard saying in a video “synchronized traffic signals save lives”. Too bad his system doesn’t seen to deliver that concern!