April 9


ITE Journal – Improved!

By Mike Spack

April 9, 2013

4-13 ITE JournalI was shocked when I started flipping through the April edition of the ITE Journal.  They actually made a few of the changes I've been describing.  

First off, by clicking the above link you can get to the Journal whether or not you are a member.  It's not password protected!

Second – they're testing out different formats.  

I really like the quick to digest format of the Measuring the Street:  New Metrics for 21st Century Streets article about New York City.  Interestingly, it looks like repurposed copy the New York City DOT produced.  This means ITE staff took the lead on it and there isn't an author credited.

Several of the other articles also have a shorter format and it looks like they are upping the quality of the graphics and amount of photos.

Well done!

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