October 15


iTunesU – U of MN Center for Transportation Studies Research Seminars Online

By Mike Spack

October 15, 2010

University of Minnesota Center for Transportation Studies

I'm on the distribution list for Center for Transportation Studies' (CTS') research seminars, but I have a hard time making it over to the University to watch them.  They're usually at an awkward time for me and they aren't applicable to most of my day to day work.  Luckily, CTS is embracing technology and is posting a lot of the presentations online so we can watch them in the comfort of our homes or offices.  This is a free way to get continuing education credits for the Professional Engineers license. Go here to see upcoming presentations and for the link to their channel on iTunesU.  Below is a screenshot from iTunes showing their most recent iTunes videos (click on it to enlarge to a readable size).


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Mike Spack

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