October 20


Max Moreland for NCITE Director

By Mike Spack

October 20, 2015

I just received an email with my NCITE ballot.  One thing they didn’t include with the email were the bios.  You can check them out here.

If you’re an NCITE member, I encourage you to vote in general, but I strongly encourage you to vote for Max Moreland whose worked with me for five years now.  He’s been involved with NCITE since he started his career and has done a lot of work in the SimCap committee we formed a couple of years ago.

Max Moreland, P.E.’s Bio

maxMax is a traffic engineer with Spack Enterprises, where he wears many hats completing consulting work (Spack Consulting), organizing traffic counts (Traffic Data Inc.), and building/testing/selling traffic counting equipment (CountingCars.com). He has five years of experience in the traffic engineering field and obtained his PE license in 2015. Max earned a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from the University of Minnesota as well as a Bachelor of Arts from St. John’s University.

Max has been an NCITE member since the beginning of his career and is actively involved in NCITE’s SimCap Technical Committee. As an NCITE Director, Max is looking forward to getting more involved with the organization as well as planning fun and engaging events with interesting speakers. He also looks forward to eating more bacon at the breakfast meetings.

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Mike Spack

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